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The crossbows are each mechanically informed by a style of gun.

  • Pain Hailer (Machine Gun / Gatling Gun)
  • Description: Unleash a hail of arrows with your light attacks, or launch your entire clip in one shot with your heavy attack for widespread devastation. The Pain Hailer is a well-rounded crossbow.
  • Toxic Needler (Dart Gun)
  • Description: This sinister weapon withers away enemies with poison damage over time and a powerful slowing effect. Heavy attacks will drain the life from your enemies, restoring some of your own.
  • Deadshot (Sniper)
  • Description: Knock enemies away with your light attacks to set up for the line drive annihilation that is your heavy attack. This piercing weapon destroys closely grouped enemies from afar.
  • Impetus Barrage (Shotgun)
  • Description: Blow enemies away with a barrage of scattered arrows using your light attacks or charge your heavy attack to eradicate single targets.