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Swarms[edit | edit source]

Swarms (Very Low HP, Low Damage, Melee or Range): Swarms are satisfying enemies to mow down, and their presence allows a Bro to experience a strong sense of their own power. With low to moderate hitpoints and low damage output, one or even several units should be of no threat to an individual Bro. If Swarms manage to significantly damage a team, it is through sheer neglect due to more pressing threats. In complex combat encounters, they serve as blockers and soak up Bro attacks. Swarms reward Bros simply for being Bros.

Muscle[edit | edit source]

Muscle (Mid HP, Mid Damage, Melee or Range): The Muscle is a very standard enemy. On his own, he poses a moderate threat to a single bro. The Muscle would be on the frontlines battling the Bros, giving other enemies an opening to be effective. He does not have a large health pool, but is sturdy enough to take a few hits and stick around. Muscle’s medium damage output will also deter players from ignoring him. He would not be the biggest threat on a battlefield alone, but his presence would keep players on their toes while trying to engage other threats.

Displacers[edit | edit source]

Displacers (High HP, Mid Damage, AOE Line, Cone, Range, or Close): Displacers serve the purpose of undoing the best-laid plans, keeping players from going exactly where they would like to go in combat. This is often achieved by creating high hitpoint enemies that produce large, well-telegraphed areas of threat at range or around themselves. Well-designed Displacers should be low priority target that dynamically will evolve the shape of the battlefield throughout an encounter. Their danger stems almost exclusively through creating competing attention with other enemies. Displacers reward the players for being able, both as individuals and as a team, to adapt to a dynamic and shifting play space.

Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Coordinators (Complex Team Challenges): Coordinators explicitly encourage coordination and vocal communication between players. This is an enemy that is made easier to kill by forming a full Bro-stack to hit a weak point, an enemy that is especially susceptible to a particular combination of weapons, or that temporarily disables a Bro unless he is rescued by another Bro. Coordinators reward Bros for being able to come together and accomplish mutual goals in the heat of combat, and are a big enough threat that they must be addressed early.

Supporters[edit | edit source]

Supporters (Buff Enemies or Debuff Bros): Supporters are a subtle presence that vastly increase the threat level of other enemies around them, either by buffing surrounding units or debuffing the Bros. Experienced teams of Bros should recognize Supporters as a high priority threat on the battlefield, and the presence of a Supporter should encourage Bros to dive headlong into dangerous territory to take it out. A Supporter can make surrounding enemies faster, deal more damage, increase enemy abilities or slow down or otherwise cripple the Bros. Supporters reward Bros for being able to circumvent other threats to reach the high priority targets, and also reinvent the threat profile of every other enemy type. Beyond the third depth of a play through, second tier enemies will start appearing. These enemies are tougher to defeat and deal larger damage.