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Hammers are high damage, slow light attack weapons with AOE utility heavy attacks. Very good single target damage. Build charges with light attacks. Charges increase effectiveness of utility of heavy attacks.

  • Tenacious Crusher (Earth Cracker Sledge)
  • Description: Destroy your enemies with crushing light attacks to prepare for a devastating stun from your heavy attack. This weapon trades attack speed for tremendous damage.
  • Death's Fist (Skull Hammer)
  • Description: Heavy attacks from this weapon corrupt the ground, making it pulsate with a lethal dose of Vitamin D (the “D” is for damage). Build charges to increase the power of the corrupted aura.
  • Rageful Desolator (Crow-bill War Pick)
  • Description: Soften up your enemies with your light attacks and disintegrate them with your heavy attack finisher. The heavy attack hits as hard as a wrecking ball, and takes just as long to swing
  • Light's Forge (Holy Crusher)
  • Description: This weapon’s light attack swings a swathe of staggering stuns. Doing so will empower your heavy attack which sanctifies the ground, healing and safeguarding you and your bros.