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There are 16 weapons to collect in four different categories. When starting a new game players will be given two weapons to start with;

  • a sword (Aegis of Incursion) and a crossbow (Pain Hailer)

Each weapon has a specific degree of attack, defence and ultimate strength. Each weapon also has differences in attack patterns. For example one sword will have increased strength but will be heavy and take longer to attack, while another sword will be faster but have weaker attack strength.

The different weapon classes also have different attack combos;

  • Sword - Light attack with 4 successive hits and the 5th hit will be a heavy attack.
  • Hammer - Light attack repeatedly up 5x combo and the heavy attack will increase in strength with each combo.
  • Wand - Buff other characters when hit by the weapon. Effects vary by weapon.
  • Crossbow - Limited number of arrows which require a reload (cool down) after a certain number. Arrows will auto regenerate when weapon is not fired.